2009. Whiteday LOVE M4!


The present from the Dark Division in 2009 to you is a white day gift.
For the female user who is using Michael 4 with still few clothes.
It is M4 special set that overflows in love and Eros.

*Attention of item distribution*

"LOVE M4!" is a project held in March 2009 at limited time.
So, these items are not distributed now.
Moreover, we have not permitted these items to be downloaded personally.
We consider people who downloaded it for the first distribution period,
so, after the dormant period (about half a year), some of these items will be distributed again.
Thank you.


- M4 Belt shirt by SEISUI
 ---->Not Redistribute
- M4 PGP Pants by aoaio
 ---->Redistribute on Oct. 2009
- Mens Choker 3 and 4 by Kyotaro
 ---->Redistribute on Oct. 2009
- dd_AnimalPlaySet by Kyotaro
 ---->Not Redistribute
- Yami Props by mukumuku
 ---->Not Redistribute
- M4 2009 whiteday-texture by Jezz & Kyotaro & lazyrose
 ---->Redistribute on Oct. 2009

※The item is distributed again on an individual site of the member who made it.

配布期間:2009年3月31日まで。 ※配布終了しました

The distribution: Please download it on each page.
The distribution period: Until March 31, 2009 ※Download is period ended.

M4Beltsirtby SEISUI
→ M4用露出の高いシャツ
M4PGPPantsby aoaio
→ M4用縛りっぽいパンツ
 The Download period ended.  
MensChoker3and4 & dd_AnimalPlaySet
by Kyotaro
→ M4用の大変いかがわしい動物セットとやましい首輪でござい
 The Download period ended.
YamiPropsby mukumuku
→ M4対応の妖しいアクセサリと怪しい背景小道具
 The Download period ended.
M4 2009whiteday-textureby Jezz & Kyotaro & lazyrose
→ M4BeltsirtとM4PGPPants用の変態度の高いテクスチャ & MAT
 The Download period ended.